How To Choose The Right Band For Your Wedding, Party or Event

Like finding the dress, finding a band for the occasion can be difficult - particularly if you're not used to booking live acts. It can feel like there's a lot to think about, but most professional musicians are happy to help you work out the nitty-gritty details - freeing you to focus on the music.

Why Hire A Live Band?

While it may feel like the cheaper option, most wedding DJ sets are stale.

Pause Spotify for a second and let us explain.

Live music is visceral. It's memorable. It's what your guests talk about for months after the event.

A performance from a live band brings a presence and magic that just can't be achieved by one person. When a group of experienced musicians play together, they feed on one another's energy - and the energy of the audience.

How To Pick The Right Band For You

Start by answering the following questions...

Type of Event

Do you want a live act to play as you walk down the aisle? Or are you searching for an energetic cover band to keep your guests entertained into the night? Do you need mellow background music for your daytime event?

Each type of event has different requirements; it's important that the group you choose can tailor their performance appropriately.

Mood or genre

The best function bands play a varied set list, with their own unique style. They've found a sound that suits their voice or playing style and everything they play, regardless of genre, will be played in their unique style.

Unless you're booking a tribute act, we suggest focusing on the mood (rather than the genre of music) that you're looking for.

Skills and Experience

You want to book the most skilled and experienced musician that you can afford. The best way to assess this is to watch videos of the band in action - try and find examples of the band on YouTube. Plus points if the video has been uploaded by an excited party-goer.

Musicians are notoriously bad self-promoters. If you can't find a recent video of an act you're interested in booking, get in touch with them and ask for an example.

How Do I Book The Band?

Get in touch with the band through their website, Facebook page or agency with the following questions and information:

  • Date and times of the event; arrival/set-up, start and end of the music (how long you're expecting them to play)
  • Details of the event; what type of event is it and what mood are you going for?
  • What are the logistical requirements; power sockets, space in which to set up, where to park the van etc

The Great Fire

We've made a list of great local bands that we highly recommend below, but we'd love to be considered for your gig.